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emPower!, the first electronic focusing prescription eyewear!
You are truly seeing history in the making! What you are looking at is actual video footage of images seen through a leading progressive lens (left image) as compared to PixelOptics' emPower!' lens (right image). PixelOptics' emPower! allows for the near reading area of the lens to be switched on and off. You can see an actual demonstration by toggling the ON and OFF buttons on the right. Note the letters increasing in size within the reading zone of empower! Without the increase of distortion (the curving of the horizontal lines)
Actual Video footage - Not a simulation.  
This is a side-by-side comparison of a premium progressive lens design and PixelOptics' emPower!™. Both lenses are of equal power. This is actual video footage - not an animation. The video footage was filmed through each lens with a rotating sequence of letters and lines behind it. Note the following as you toggle the ON and OFF buttons above.
Focus as fast as you can blink your eye
Provide an invisible electronic near focus zone when desired
Offer three modes of operation: automatic, manual on, manual off
 Provide wider fields of view compared to a progressive addition lens
 Allow for less distortion than a progressive addition lens
Vision correction for all ranges of sight: far, near, and in between
 Allow you to turn near reading power off when desired
 Rechargeable hidden battery
What does this mean to your vision?

It means that you can have the ability to switch the reading portion of your lenses on and off whenever you want. Or, switch it to "automatic" mode and forget about it. You will have uninterrupted vision, just like your progressive lenses but with wider distance vision, wider intermediate vision, wider reading vision and half of the peripheral "swim" that most people experience while wearing a progressive lens

If you wear progressive lens glasses or bifocals, you know you have to look right at whatever you're looking at to see whatever you're looking at in focus. With progressive lenses, everything on your periphery or beneath your straight ahead gaze is fuzzy if you merely shift your eyes rather than your whole head.

Not any more. Pixel Optics has teamed with Panasonic Healthcare to develop emPower!™, the first electronic focusing prescription eyewear for those with presbyopia.

emPower! lenses are covered with a thin transparent LCD layer. Enabled by microchips, micromachine accelerometers and nano-rechargeable batteries, emPower! lenses electronically change their molecular structure depending on head movement - essentially, the lenses "know" what you're looking at and activate the near focus prescription only when needed. Otherwise, the entire lens stays at full distance viewing prescription - and you get your old eye-shifting peripheral vision back.

If you tilt your head down to read, the accelerometer detects the motion, the microchip sends an electronic signal to the LCD layer and alters how the liquid crystals refract light, changing the prescription of the lenses, well, faster than a blink of your eye, at least according to Pixel Optics. You can switch the glasses to manual, automatic or off - their natural, progressive prescriptions.
Since you don't need two separate lenses like in bifocals or large enough areas to accommodate two prescriptions as in progressive lenses, emPower! glasses can be stylishly narrow, as you can see from the otherwise non-descriptive photo above.

An emPower! battery charge will last approximately 30 hours and comes accessorized with a nightstand induction recharger.

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